January 22, 2009 at 4:11 am (cat ailments, cat behavior, cat treatments) (, , , , )

oh the horror of eardrops!


mama and papa have been a source of pure torture the last ten days. they’d hold me down and put lots of eardrops in my ears- TWICE everyday! i feel so irritated by this that i’d put my back to them and not speak to them for some time- hoping they’d get the message. they don’t, humans are not all that intelligent actually.


the strange man with tabby-cat orange hair that they took me to (when they caught me trying to shake away the critters that were running around inside my ears)- he gave the humans this eardrop for me. true, the critters are gone now… and yes, probably this eardrop made them go away. but then they have been gone for DAYS now! why do they still put that horrid drop in my ears! MEEEEEOWWWWW!


stop it, humans. I WANT NO MORE EARDROPS!


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