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I apologise that I have not been updating much.

I have been a little ill again and still am a little tired. Mama has written about my illness on her blog, but both of us are too tired now to do the same on mine right now.

I’ll be back to my catnap and Mama will now go to bed for her nap, but you can read the details here if you are interested.

Alternatively- I will try and let you all know how I am doing once I am feeling a little less sick.

We hope the ‘linkies’ actually work. We have not even checked if they do, we are so so very tired!



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vaccum monsters are still bad…!

May 3, 2009 at 9:18 am (cat behavior, cat curiosity) (, , , )

I am tired today. I have not had the chance all day to fill up my catnap quota.

Mama was out of bed quite early for a weekend morning, but she’s been upto what she’d say ‘Mega Cleaning’ ALL day. All the jars from behind the mystery door came out, the vaccum monster came out, the rugs that stay with me in the living room got rubbed with what she calls a ‘lint roller’, I can also smell some flowery thing that she rubbed everything with; and oh.. the litter tray crystals are all new…

I could sleep amidst all these, you see- we cats can sleep though anything, but it was too much fun smelling all those stuff that I don’t really see everyday… except the vaccum monster… he makes too much noise. I wish he’d stay in his storage room for a long time now. I don’t ever miss him.

Now mama has something on the stove and while that’s ‘cooking’, she’s helping me blog. Do you think the day has offered all that it could and I can now get some shut-eye?

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Papa and I

April 18, 2009 at 12:43 am (cat behavior, cat chat, cat photos) (, , , , , , , , , )

My Papa is well enough to go hunting now and he has been since Easter.

I think humans say they are ‘working’ when they are ‘hunting’. I’m not sure why. I mean- obviously when you are collecting those shiney things (insert my Maussie for the human readers: Coins/ Money) to hunt food with- you are hunting! Why’d you call it ‘working’ is beyond me. Duh!

Anyhow- back to Papa. As I said, he goes hunting now that his new cor-nea is better… for those of you kittens who didn’t know it- my Papa had his own cor-nea trans-plan-ted with another human’s cor-nea about a month and a half back… Mama says a month is 120 catnaps long. Seems not so long ago to me! I’d think Papa should have rested more, but it’s some human feeling of wanting to ‘start back’.

I miss Papa a lot now when he goes to work. I used to love the company at home. And now- Sherkhan is again all alone in the house ALL day- till the humans come back from their hunting when the blue sky turns light grey. I have been a little frustrated with the change of routine…. and this is what I have been missing the most:

Papa does try to make it up to me when he is back from his hunting and I am trying to understand that big cats (in my case- big humans) need to hunt to help the small cats survive- but I still miss him.

I’ll be okay and that’s my update. So- how have you other kitties been?

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