I’ve been well. You?

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Raindrops are falling on my head…. not really!!!

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I was taken to the vet last week- for what I’d think is nothing out of ordinary- constipation, as humans call it. Mama had read somewhere that constipation might not be a disease in itself- but it can be a symptom of some. Obviously, just because someone has written it into a book and printed it- the human needs to believe it…. ‘almost annoying’- the humans, as I meowed earlier.

I should write a book someday with the mantra ‘no vet visits EVER please’. Do you think that’ll help the Catkind?

This vet who saw me that night wasn’t so bad though. I think his name was Andrew Telford, and the way he handled me seemed less humiliating, if you know what I mean; I also like Rachel McCue- she handled me one time before… when the humans were hit by another bout of paranoia some months ago.

So kitties, if you live in Melbourne and looking for good vets around- you may want to try these two. They are not AS bad as the most.

And about my constipation, well… it was deemed as nothing too serious. I was advised half a tea spoon of Bene Fibre with every meal from now on… and I quite like it with my food. Also I’ve been eating well etc.

I have also been playing a lot. It’s almost like I found a treasure full of ‘energy’ hidden somewhere in my jungle!


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I don’t like Mondays. You know why? Because it hampers the normal routine of things that develops through the weekend- like my humans staying in with me, like cuddles whenever I want one- or two, like practicing my meows (cats only meow with humans, never among themselves or when all alone), like more open rooms to roam around and sleeping on the human’s bed through the day.

And, Mondays? They force me to accept that the humans must go hunting and I must be left alone to guard our jungle- and stay home all alone, until they are back with all those unfamiliar smells…

We cats appreciate fixed routine. Too much change in that bothers us.

Oh well, it’ll pass… it always does. Meow!

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Weekend Cuddles

August 22, 2009 at 11:05 pm (cat behavior) (, , , )

Mama and I are busy enjoying our weekend.

Hope yours is going just as good 🙂

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Elegance of a Felis Catus

August 22, 2009 at 2:52 am (cat chat) (, )

Elegance of a Felis Catus

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If there was one word that your humans could describe you by, what would that word be?

Mama says, for me she’d choose the word ‘Elegant’. I guess that means I look ‘elegant’, I’d like to know what ‘elegant’ means though. I think it means something nice.

Ask your humans what word they’d choose for you. Please?

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And there I wait

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And there I wait, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

I like looking out of the window.

I spend many hours of my day- in between my catnaps- looking out. You will definitely find me there when it’s time for my humans to come home, or in the morning when I see them off. Mama thinks this is one thing she looks forward to about coming home… and her pace is faster during her walk to home from the station because she looks forward to seeing me looking out for her…

Hmm… That’s a nice thing to feel.

Humans do make good pets, don’t you think?

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What’s up there?

August 18, 2009 at 1:56 am (cat behavior) (, , )

What’s up there?, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

Oh… how I love my windowsill.

When Papa is home- he puts the ‘blinds’ up- and I get a full view of the road, with the shiny multicoloured animals that move fast and makes noises- that humans calls ‘cars’, flying mice that are called ‘birdies’ and human babies on two wheels that humans call ‘bikes’.

Do you know those birdies never stop chirping?! I’m sure they do that just to tease me.

Even when there is nothing to see or hear- I like to look out of the window anyway- so when Papa is home, I ‘ask’ him to put the blinds up.

And when he’s not paying attention to my meows- I can at least ‘try’ to do it myself, can’t I?

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Chillin, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

Mama says she wishes she were a cat when she sees me nap.

I wonder why… hmm..

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Up above the world so high

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Up above the world so high

Originally uploaded by Ehtesham

I have a special meow for Mama… it’s the one I meow when I want her to cuddle me. I put my two front paws on her lap and go ‘mmmmeeeeeowwww’, I remember to make my voice the most kitten-like on those occasions.

It has its effects on her, trust me. It makes her drop everything she is doing and cuddle and pet me; just the way I like it- with hand strokes, nose rubs and holding me with her long arms wrapped around me- while talking to me in a soft human language.

Mama says this is the highlight of her days, the way I demand affection. She must love me a lot to think like that, don’t you think?

And I must love her lots to actually ask her to cuddle me.

We cats don’t do that quite often.

We mean what we say and however manipulative we seem to be sometimes, we are an honest species.

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Ponder Cat

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Ponder Cat

Originally uploaded by Ehtesham

I don’t understand Papa’s camera much. It’s much bigger than the small compact a-little-bigger-than-a-matchbox camera that Mama has- it has a trunk like an elephant’s (oh… did I tell you that I am all eyes and ears whenever any animal channel is on the telly? I know elephants!); and many a times- it seems like it’s staring at me… through that trunk!

Meow! We cats don’t like that. You don’t look straight into our eyes! We think you are threatening us by doing that! But I trust Papa, even when he has the camera that is staring straight at me. I let it go. I’m not that difficult usually.

I have now learnt to differentiate between different members of my jungle, in their intention and the usual norms- I know Mama and Papa means well… even when they don’t let me climb the kitchen sink, even when they leave me behind for their daily hunting, even when they don’t always open the doors that I want them to, even when I sometimes pretend their hands are what I am hunting… I never bite them- I just wrap all my legs around them and ‘pretend’ that I’m fighting them.

You see- you need to understand- no matter how many years I am tamed as a housecat, I do have my predator instincts. You’ll believe me when you see me hunting an insect- I am alert, I cackle, I hunt- I do what I have to do to get it under my paws. See this photo with this post? That’s me when I caught a glimpse of a small fruit fly- believe me now?

I am a little version of other big species that live in big open-sky jungles and are known as vicious hunters. I am vicious too. And just like them- I do care for my family. Yes, my family with two humans in the jungle where I rule.

We all have our vicious sides, even the humans- even though they tend to turn a blind eye to that sometimes.

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The territory extension mission!

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Meow, meow, MEOWW!

How many meows will it take to convince the humans that I WANT to get into that room that I recently discovered? The room with light green carpet and bean bag sofas and Papa’s miniature Lego castles?

Its Papa’s photography room, I get it. But, what’s wrong in letting me in there! It’s ME; I rule in this jungle! I have every right to sniff the Lego towers and scratch the carpets and enjoy the free space!

It’s my jungle!

True, the last two days I have successfully meowed in convincing the softer-hearted human (Mama, that is. Papa thinks she is over-indulgent; I think it serves me well) to give me a guided tour in that room for around 30 minutes (in human measurement of time- it’s one short ‘cat-nap’ long, to make it easy for you cats). She’d sit on one of the bean bag sofas while I sniffed, climbed and chirruped in that newly discovered territory. She even finds it cute, I think!

She’s not bad, that human, I must say 🙂

As a reward, I gave her furry good cuddles and a hearty strong head-butt. We all know that is a lot for us cats!

I think she’s bought. I’M GOOD!

Now, MEOW- please let me in there! Meow?

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Photogenic Sherkhan

August 9, 2009 at 11:30 am (cat behavior, cat photos) (, , , )

This ‘weekend’- Papa was at it again. You know how he sometimes goes goes crazy with the camera? Well.. I mean that.

He thought I’d be a good ‘subject’ (I hope that’s a good thing), and he took many snaps of me sleeping, hunting etc etc etc. Most of it he is keeping to his white box (insert by Mauzzie: Laptop), not sure what big plans he has with them for now- but I will post them in due time; in other words when Mama can steal them from him, or when he lets us have them :).

Mama thought this was a fine photo of me. What do you think?

Yes, I know… I know… I AM a cute kitten!

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The Pillow Sherkhan

August 8, 2009 at 12:05 am (cat curiosity, cat photos) (, , , )

And, I make a good pillow:


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When the Papa is the bed!

August 7, 2009 at 12:05 am (cat photos) (, , )

He makes a good bed:

Yes, he does!

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This Winter….

August 6, 2009 at 12:05 am (cat behavior, cat photos) (, , , )

I am sometimes on my throne:

And sometimes on my carpet:

But no matter where I am- my heater friend has to be somewhere near:

A big ‘Thank you’ to my heater friend for keeping me warm in this cold cold Winter. Meow!

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Wordless Wednesday

August 5, 2009 at 12:05 am (cat behavior, cat photos) (, , , , , , )

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Casper the commuter cat

August 4, 2009 at 12:05 am (cat behavior, cat curiosity) (, , )

Many of you may have seen this already, but my humans cannot seem to stop talking about this Casper cat!

I think Casper is quite cool, too- so when Mama asked me to share this with you- as she thought, as cat lovers- you and your humans may be interested in this story- I agreed! Readily!

Enjoy! Meow.

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Polite, what’s that?

August 3, 2009 at 12:05 am (cat behavior) (, , , )

Mama says I look cute when I am relaxing on ‘my throne’- as known as Mama’s laptop table of one time not so long ago :P.

I say, of course I look cute… and not just when relaxing on my throne, but ALWAYS!

Well… Mama says I should be ‘polite’… what’s ‘polite’?

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This is what I sleep on these days!

August 2, 2009 at 12:05 am (cat behavior) (, , , )

Mama has a laptop table, well… it used to be her laptop table. Not anymore- since that is now claimed by little Sherkhan!


As I was saying, it is my place now- or throne, as Mama puts it. I don’t mind- a place or a throne- whatever you call it, IT’S NOW MINE!

See, it even fits me perfectly… and and and… it gives me a good view of my house… when I am awake that is 🙂


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Wordless Wednesday

July 29, 2009 at 12:05 am (cat behavior, cat photos) (, , )

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Kitty Lesson 2

July 25, 2009 at 12:05 am (cat behavior) (, , )

Ahhh….. the humans simply cannot sit still!

But, if I hold Mama’s arms and remember to look all cute and innocent while I do that; then may be she will?

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