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Hello Kitties,

This is just to let you know that my bloggie has now moved! You can now find me here.

I will appreciate it purry much if you could update your feed list/ change it in your sidebar/ follow my new blog.

Meows to a new beginning!

– Sherkhan


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Curious Sherkhan: the ‘mouse’ poll

March 14, 2010 at 3:02 pm (cat behavior, cat chat, cat curiosity) (, , , , , , )

Further to my latest post, I am now starting a poll to figure out other kitty experiences with ‘live’ mice.

So- go on kitties- VOTE!


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Cats and Mice

March 12, 2010 at 12:41 pm (cat behavior, cat chat) (, , , , , , )

Mama pointed out to me last night that despite me being a cat and all that- I have never seen a mouse in my life! Of course- she means the ‘live’ ones and not the ‘toy’ ones; because… oh… I have seen plenty of toy mice!

Now that I think of it, it does seem a little…. mm… odd…. for a cat- you know?

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Holiday Cards

December 7, 2009 at 10:39 am (cat chat)

Hello kitties,

Just so I can have a chance to say ‘thank you’ to my regular readers- kitties, woofies and humans regardless- I have decided you all should get a card from me this holiday!

But of course- for that to happen, I’d need your home addresses 🙂

If it’s okay with you and if you’d like a card- please send me your address by leaving a comment here or mailing to mama at emcie at y7mail dot com.

That’s all for now. See ya soon!

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Elegance of a Felis Catus

August 22, 2009 at 2:52 am (cat chat) (, )

Elegance of a Felis Catus

Originally uploaded by Ehtesham

If there was one word that your humans could describe you by, what would that word be?

Mama says, for me she’d choose the word ‘Elegant’. I guess that means I look ‘elegant’, I’d like to know what ‘elegant’ means though. I think it means something nice.

Ask your humans what word they’d choose for you. Please?

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How do I fix this?

June 29, 2009 at 12:37 am (cat behavior, cat chat)

My humans keep saying how busy they are and all; that’s old news. But earlier when they said they were busy- they’d at least help me blog on the ‘weekends’ and be with me all day on weekends and all that- even though I’d not see them much through the rest of the ‘week’…. I thought that was bad– but still okay, as the humans need to hunt for my kitten food and all…. and I am a considerate kitty after all.

But the last few weeks? Unpardonable! In no way acceptable!!!

Guess what?! They are busy socializing with ‘other humans’ during the weekend- now how weird is that: choosing humans’ company over kittens’? Very, as all you kitties will agree with me. I’m pretty disappointed at my humans, to be honest :(.

Apparently the only little human friend that I have (Papa’s niece) is leaving this Melby-land next week; and her parents are too; so my humans think they should spend more time with the family while they are still here and, as unbelievable as it sounds, that only means that I am ‘not’ the top priority at the moment… what kind of a logic is THAT? I thought I was ALWAYS the TOP priority and nothing EVER changes that!

Can you tell why I am disappointed?!

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Their rules may be weird- but I’m not complaining!

June 15, 2009 at 11:56 pm (cat behavior, cat chat) (, , , , )

For the last 2 days my Mama has been working from home- which, in kitty terms, means that she is not changing her furs and going out of the house every morning even before the yellow thingy on the sky (insert by maussie: Sun) is up.

The human world has many rules- not much different from the kitty world in that aspect, as we have some too- but their rules are much much weird. As for my Mama, apparently she’s been ‘quarantined’- so as to be sure that if what she has is the ‘bad’ flu, she does not get to spread it on the other humans.

For me however, it means more cuddle time and more jumping on the lap time. I like it when my humans are home; so much that I end up ‘showing’ it. I know… not good… but I think my humans like it.

After the last time my humans disappeared- I think things are ‘finally’ coming back to ‘normal’. There is nothing a kitty likes more than that after all: a perfect predictable life.

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back in full swing

June 15, 2009 at 6:56 am (cat behavior, cat chat)

I know I have not been around much, but I have been well and perky.

I went on a vacation to the cat boarding place while my humans went off to some far far away jungle… I hear there was an ocean too- and lots of good food (and wine), and many games of scrabble. Oh yes, there was a woofie too. A lady woofie named Hannah. I saw the pics of my Mama petting that woofie. She did not look any special to me- that Hannah, but Mama says she was nice.

mama with hannah

I prefer if you don’t believe Mama on this. I’m just a little territorial about my humans.

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An update on my humans

June 2, 2009 at 5:31 am (cat behavior, cat chat) (, , , )

My humans are again crazy busy and no one to help me blog as much as I’d like to.

They are home in the evenings, but they look tired. I guess Mama, on top of that, has pain in her throat and is a little cough-y. She just hopes it’s not the bad flu a lot of humans are getting these days. I think Mama totally does not want to get sick as she has a big weekend planned and she does not want her plans to get spoilt.

I think she misses the ocean a lot and is going to the never ending waters for some change of wind. Papa, on the other hand, loves the forest and the mountain- so they chose to go to a place called ‘The Otway Ranges’- where they get all of these and more. I understand someone liking trees, even mountains- must be fun to climb them and all- but the ocean?!


Humans are silly. Even Ren-human and Ron-human are going with Mama and Papa to the ocean, mountain and forest place. Why do humans have wings under their feet? Can’t they just take weekends easy doing predictable things and not act all erratic? Feh! They do need to learn to be cosy in their surroundings from us cats. But what can you do anyway?

While the humans are away- I will be staying at my regular cat boarding place where the Melissa-human will take care of me. And the Ren-human will take me there on Friday- as both Mama and Papa needs to work that day. Mama thinks it’s very nice of the Ren-human to offer to help her out. I think the Ren-human likes me. But then- who can help it? *giggle*

I hear Ren-human did not like cats before she knew me. And now she thinks cats are nice. She cuddles me and plays with me and I like her a lot too. Mama thinks that it is to my credit that I could make a human change her mind about how she felt about cats. Sometimes humans say nice stuffs.

Anywho, this is news so far from little Sherkhan. As you see, I have been busy with much pondering. How have you kitties been?

[PS: I have received an award and Mama promises that she’d help me post about it soon; she just needs a little time]

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humans make good beds!

May 20, 2009 at 9:50 pm (cat behavior, cat chat) (, , , , )

The humans are again very busy- getting out of the house when it’s still dark and coming back when it’s again dark. Mama says that this is specially so as days are getting shorter here- now being winter in Australia and all, you know?

I spend most of the bright sunny times of the day sleeping and eating the food Mama leaves for me in the mornings. Weekends are different though. I spend the weekends watching what the humans do with their hands AND sometimes sleeping on the human’s lap.

I think they make good beds:

*Yawn*… Okay, off to my catnap till the humans come back home.

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human world is way too complicated…

May 2, 2009 at 12:32 am (cat behavior, cat chat) (, , , )

I guess, this has become a weekend blog of little Sherkhan- as my humans are hardly ever home these days to help me blog other than on weekends. Both the humans are working a lot these days… something to do with ‘keeping up in the financial crisis’.. whatever that means.

I do think that the human world is full of unnecessarily complicated things. I mean, can’t they make their life as simple as we cats have: we sleep, we eat, we hunt, we play- and even then we have plenty of time to take care of our humans.

My humans are home today though and Mama is now helping me blog. I am a little suspicious that she’d flee like she does once I close my eyes, so I’m trying my best to stop it from happening. The trick is to sleep on the human’s lap, or at least keep a part of your body on the human (paws work well in this case). That way the human cannot leave without you noticing- see Sherkhan has brains!!

To my human’s defense- they ARE trying a lot to balance work and life. And they are not doing too bad either- there are things that’s lagging behind a little, updating my blog being one of the major ones. You see, Mama loves me just as much, and so does Papa- and I am still the happy and affectionate kitten I was. It’s all good really.

Anyyways… now I’m back to my one of the many catnaps of the day. Stay well, you kitties!

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weekend ponder

April 25, 2009 at 6:55 am (cat chat, cat curiosity, cat language) (, , , , , )

It’s ‘weekend’ again and my humans are home (meerowwww!!).

I have meowed successfully twice since morning to get Mama out of her bed to pet me. Obviously weekends are all about ‘Cat Cuddle’! She knows it, I think- because she petted me, cuddled me and spoke to me in Cat (she’s learning Cat pretty fast… think she’s good with languages?) even though she did not need to, I can understand human language pretty well now.

Only silly thing is… I thought it would be a good idea to jump into the BIG waterbowl when mama was sitting there in the water (insert by Mauzzie for the human readers: bathtub) for some human reason I will not really understand… well… it wasn’t a good idea. I got wet and shot out of the waterbowl in a blink!

Water, I like generally… but I guess I’d like it more if it wasn’t so… err.. wet?

Proves that we cats are sometimes wrong too! Just sometimes though. All other times we are just awesome!

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Papa and I

April 18, 2009 at 12:43 am (cat behavior, cat chat, cat photos) (, , , , , , , , , )

My Papa is well enough to go hunting now and he has been since Easter.

I think humans say they are ‘working’ when they are ‘hunting’. I’m not sure why. I mean- obviously when you are collecting those shiney things (insert my Maussie for the human readers: Coins/ Money) to hunt food with- you are hunting! Why’d you call it ‘working’ is beyond me. Duh!

Anyhow- back to Papa. As I said, he goes hunting now that his new cor-nea is better… for those of you kittens who didn’t know it- my Papa had his own cor-nea trans-plan-ted with another human’s cor-nea about a month and a half back… Mama says a month is 120 catnaps long. Seems not so long ago to me! I’d think Papa should have rested more, but it’s some human feeling of wanting to ‘start back’.

I miss Papa a lot now when he goes to work. I used to love the company at home. And now- Sherkhan is again all alone in the house ALL day- till the humans come back from their hunting when the blue sky turns light grey. I have been a little frustrated with the change of routine…. and this is what I have been missing the most:

Papa does try to make it up to me when he is back from his hunting and I am trying to understand that big cats (in my case- big humans) need to hunt to help the small cats survive- but I still miss him.

I’ll be okay and that’s my update. So- how have you other kitties been?

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random disappearing humans

March 27, 2009 at 10:48 am (cat behavior, cat chat) (, , , , , )

I think my humans are cheating on me these days.

You see, my papa is not totally well yet and spends a lot of time taking naps in his human bed. So, though we stay in the same house all day, we do not see each other all that much. Well.. what can you say, it’s not that he CHOSE to be ill. So, no hard feelings there.

And Mama? Oh, don’t get me started! There is Mama, the Ren human, the Ron human… they are there at home for even one catnap length of time at a stretch! There I see them, get all chirpy, make my place beside them and take my nap- I open my eyes after a little while and whoosh, they are gone! I tell you kitties, those humans are getting even swifter than cats!

I need to do something to stop it. Ideas?

I agree, Mama does look very tired these days and she manages to play with me in the mornings and talk to me and hold me in the evenings… but a kitty needs his Mama a little bit more!

MeowMeow… !

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cuddle cuddle cuddly boodle

March 22, 2009 at 11:19 pm (cat chat, cat photos) (, , , , )

Okay, here’s me and Mama- cuddling each other. Papa took this one when I got all excited to see Mama when she got back from work! It’s a mobile pic; that’s why it’s hazy.

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Mama thinks this is a cute one. I agree!

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I am a ‘Kreativ Blogger’!

March 21, 2009 at 8:13 am (cat behavior, cat chat) (, , , , , , )

A few weeks ago, I recieved an award from the wonderful Rosie, Kaleb and Teal’C. My Papa was sick then- with the white bandage over his eyes and Mama was busy keeping things in one place, and I never got to tell you kitties about that award!

Now that I am catching up- I am sharing the piece of good news with some kitty biscuit and water in my blogosphere. Please help yourselves, you nice kitties, and your humans are welcome too! Mama said she will set some pudding for the humans so that they enjoy too!

So here is my award:

Kreaviv Blogger

Thanks again, Three Country Cats!

The rule is to list six things that make me happy, so here goes:

1. Mama’s cuddles. Mama says I am the ultimate lapcat, and she is probably right. I love getting on Mama’s lap, and she never fails to cuddle me! She even gives me kissies, I think that is nice too!

2. Making my humans smell like me. I groom my Mama and Papa a lot, specially after they have used that thing humans call Sham-poo… I hate it when humans smell anything other than well.. humans… so I groom them as best as I can!

3. Watching birdies from the net window. I even cackle with them magpies! They tease me by flying around, so I sit on my window seat and cackle so as they think I am a birdie too and come to me… and then I’ll catch them!

4. Drinking water straight from the taps. Oh fresh water…! Need I say more?

5. Watching Mama and Papa from the window when they come back home from work. I meow and purr hard even before they step in through the door!

6. Climbing through the net window on the TOP on the door. Yes, the thin edge of it. I always need Papa’s help to get down though.

Okay, now I will pass this award on to-

1. Angel and Kirby
2. Brandi
3. Lucy and Trixie
4. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy
5. George, Tipper, Max and Misty
6. Meredith and Shadow

Enjoy the feast. I will now step down and watch your speech! Meow!

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from your very own SHERKHAN

March 18, 2009 at 12:37 am (cat behavior, cat chat) (, , , , , , , )

I am back from my cat-boarding, did you miss me? I bet you did!

Annnywaaay…. there has been some changes at my home in the last few days…:

1. Papa can now see me a bit (I think). He hugs and cuddles me, but does not let me get too close to his eyes. I think his eyes still hurt.

2. Mama is at work all day and then when she comes back- she is still very busy. She says she would stay home all day to take care of Papa and me, if only she did not need the money. I think by money, she means Whiskas Kitten Pouches that I love so much. She still makes time to cuddle and play with me, but she complains about her backache, I think it hurts her- and her lack of sleep… and she does a lot of cleaning. I think that’s because Papa can get in-fec-tion if the house has germs- and cleaning kills germs. Hmm.

3. I am not allowed on Mama-Papa’s sleeping place even for a second now. I think it’s because I shred a lot and if my furs go into Papa’s eyes he will be in a lot of pain.

4. I made friends with the Ren-Human. I think she is Mama-Papa’s friend and she helps Papa put in his eyedrops when Mama is at work. She is nice and cushy, the Ren-Human… and gives good cuddles. She gives me good company through the day.

5. I have been a good boy in my boarding, but I was very scared on the day I was brought back home in that big boarding bus because there was a ‘woofie’ in the car who was also being brought-ed in the same bus. I pee-pee’d in my carriage and then had to go to a groomer for a thorough clean up, because pee-pees may cause infection in Papa’s eyes.

6. I am now almost 5 months old and I have my last dose of FIV vaccination soon. I think that will help me not falling sick when I go out- but it makes no sense to me how that will happen. How can a needle prick help you not falling sick?

Okay. This is my quick update. And now that I have caught up somewhat, I’ll do my regular posts from time to time when Mama is not so busy. Till then.. 🙂

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March 9, 2009 at 8:03 am (cat chat) (, , , , , , , , , , )

My fur makes papa’s eyes itch! Not normally, but now that he has had an op-e-ra-tion- the furs hurt his eyes- I think the operation is called a ‘cornea transplant’- and it’s made him a little ‘sensitive’.. there is a risk of getting in-fec-tion….

Papa also smells different for all the drops he puts in his eyes. I tried to jump on the bed and then I realized how different the bed smells…. I was so shocked that I stopped myself. Also sometimes when I look at papa, I think he does not really see me. I meow and walk over to him- only then he pets and talks to me.

Mama was telling me that papa will soon be ‘as good as new’. I want my old papa back, but I guess that’s a human way of saying that ‘my old papa will be back’.

I need to go to a cat boarding again :(. I’ll miss my humans, but I guess they could not help it. They miss me terribly when I am gone. I can tell by the way they cuddle me when I come back. But I know that the worst thing for our family at the moment would be if anything goes wrong with papa’s eyes.

After all it’s just 7 days….

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Why do humans use that foul smelling thingie?!

March 7, 2009 at 10:15 pm (cat behavior, cat chat) (, , , , , , , , , , )


Mama’s hair AGAIN smells of that foul thingie (insert by Mauzzie for the human readers: Shampoo). I HATE that smell. It smells ‘flo-we-ry’!

You tell me, why would a HUMAN smell of a FLOWER???!!?

Everytime I smell it in Mama’s hair, I groom her. A LOT. She better smell of ‘me’, than some wretched flower!

I don’t get humans! Don’t they like their own smell??!! I thought everyone likes their own smell… was I wrong?

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February 17, 2009 at 8:56 am (cat chat) (, , , , , , , )

mama says i look like ‘batman’ from if you look at me from the back. now, you tell me- why would i look like batman!!! i can, at most, look like a ‘cat boy’! humans can be so silly…!

just so you can judge- here’s a picshure mama took of me today while i was waiting for papa to come back home…..

shera waiting at the door for his papa

shera waiting at the door for his papa

i know i have darker ears and they stand out, but do you REALLY think i look like batman!!!


EDIT: and oh! the human feet that you can see from the net door that i am looking out from- THAT’S MY PAPA!

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