November 27, 2009 at 9:52 am (cat behavior)

I’m just dropping in to see how everyone was doing! I’m doing well! Growing up and recovery is still in progress. Meanwhile, I’m keeping up my cute kitten ways- thankyouverymuch. Pancreatitis is a nasty disease to have. Even after you are good and kicking, the weight takes time to pick up. I’m still on the special diet, but I also like it these days- unlike a few months ago when I was constantly refusing my food! These days, I eat them up quick and on some days I ask for more!

My humans are busy. I think Mama is a little sick too- she smells different. But it may be that she is also getting better. She needs to have a few tests- blood etc- and then she will be cleared.

Mama is also taking driving lessons for her license. As if she did not have enough to do already! Meow!

There was a bad storm in Melbourne yesterday- lots of lightning and loud sounds. I hid under the sofa, hoping that those lights will not find me there. They didn’t! I guess it means that my house is a safe place…. even those lights cannot find me when I’m in the house! How cool is that?

So? How have you kitties been?



  1. Huffle Mawson said,

    Hey Sherkhan. Glad to hear you’re feeling all better now. I hid under the bed during the storm yesterday, I do not like thunderstorms at all. I am not looking forward to the summer because mum says it is going to be Very Hot. That is not good when you wear a black fur coat like me.

  2. felicia said,

    So good to hear from you, sometimes getting better takes a long time.

  3. Angel and Kirby said,

    Sherkhan, we are glad you are doing better. Hope Mom gets better soon, to!

  4. Fin said,

    Hope you and Mom are better soon.

  5. brandi said,

    We were so happy to see an update again! We are very glad things are getting better for you both. We keep hoping that the time will get here when you both are well.

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