Changes Changes Changes

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What goes there, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

Mama and Papa have been giving me the special diet that I’m supposed to be on since I have been diagnosed with Pancreatitis- it’s been some days now.

I’m getting used to the change; very very slowly!

I used to have the Science Diet Chunky Meat in Gravy- the high in protein nutritious diet that is very good for growing kittens- from Hill’s.

I am a wet-food person-cat; I eat dry food, too- but just as a snack through the day; wet food is what I eat as my meal! Yum! Bring it on, Mama-Papa! Meow!

Since I was diagnosed with the disease, some things have changed in my life- the major one being my food type. I still get Hill’s- but not a Chunky Meat version of wet food, rather those dull ‘minced’ kind. I have refused my food and meowed plenty to my humans so that they switch me back to my old food, but they just won’t listen!

They say that those high protein diets can be deadly for me now (as they’ll make my sick pancreas to release the enzymes that would make it decay itself) and they just cannot be indulgent now, even though it breaks their heart. I don’t understand. Those taste so good- how they can be so bad for me! The vet says that since I got Pancreatitis in such a young age, I might need to be on a special diet all my life; that sounds like a long time!


Also- I got my first Vitamin injection shot last night. That seems to have to go on for some weeks as well… *sigh*.



  1. Angel and Kirby said,

    We are sorry you don’t get the good food. We have to go on a diet, too. Not because we are ill, but cause we are over weight for our small size. We don’t like it eather.

    WE purr you learn to like the new food becuse it is best for you!

  2. Vegetable Assassin said,

    Aw honey you’ll get used to it. It’ll soon taste YUMMY! And just think how lovely the tummy will feel!

  3. brandi said,

    You will get used to it, but it won’t be fun. But you will be around to grow and play and stay with us a long time.
    That’s deffinitely worth it.

  4. maussie said,

    @ A&K:

    Thank you. Mama says that if I’m given enough time and they are strict with me, I will eventually learn to like the food. May be- now I’m mad at Mama for not giving me my favourite tasty chunks 😦

    @ VA:

    Tummy feels better- and I’ve been running faster around the house than I did in months! But, how are you so sure it’s because of the food (or the YUCKY medicine Mama puts into the food)?

    @ Brandi:

    Mama says the same. Thank you. I’m keeping my toes crossed.

  5. felicia said,

    It’ll get easier little one…our mom is thinking of changing us to a raw diet ( like Daisy and Harley) once she found out in comes in frozen patties…they only want what’s best for us, even if we don’t understand.

  6. Huffle Mawson said,

    My BFF Tia has pancreatitis too and she is doing quite well, she was diagnosed in January last year. She had to make some diet changes but now she is all good again! And she does not have to take vitamin supplements so maybe that is only a temporary thing. I hope you are feeling better every day.

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