Pancreatitis in Cats

September 12, 2009 at 10:15 am (cat ailments, cat behavior, cat treatments) (, , , , , , , )

Precursor to sobriety, originally uploaded by Ehtesham.

It has finally been diagnosed; I have tested positive for ‘Pancreatitis’.

It explains my five vet visits in the last two months for vomiting, diarrhoea and constipation. It explains my meowhhs to Mama and confirms Mama’s gut feeling that something was indeed wrong with me. The vet thinks I have had this thing for some time now.

From this website, in short, Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas caused by leakage of active digestive enzymes into the pancreatic tissue. Which means, my Pancreas*- instead of doing its job of breaking down fats and proteins into simpler forms is inflamed and unable.

For now, I am to be put through a prescription diet; one of the simpler ones that does not put too much pressure on my pancreas. This may be a lifelong thing, as in- I may need to be on a special diet all my life. Mama will go to the vet today to pick up my new food.

I will also have to take a weekly injection for Vitamins (Mama is not sure if this also is a lifelong thing). Mama thinks since the new food is simpler for my digestive system break down into the necessary fluids- so that my pancreas does not need to work too hard and has time to heal- I will need to be supplemented with Vitamins- but she needs to ask the vet if that really is the reason.

The third thing is that I will have to take pain medication. This disease causes a lot of pain on the stomach, and even though cats are less complaining and more prone to hide pain- than dogs are- the pain is still there- pain medication will be a way to help me be comfortable.

So, this is it so far in my health grounds. While my parents are much distressed that I am in so much pain in such a small age (I am 10 months old!), they are determined in getting me fixed and making it as comfortable for me as possible.

One advice from my humans to all the kitty parents out there- if you can afford it at all- please think about getting a pet insurance. They know how much you love your kitties, and it will be easier for both you and your kitties in the long run. Mama-Papa had one taken for me since I was 2 months old and that has been much helpful for them. In the last 2 months the vet bills have been more than AUD $650, and the parents will be able to get most of it back. It is a large amount of money regardless and without the insurance taken for me months back, it would have been very very difficult for them to manage. Another thing is that the prescription diet that I will need to take, the cost can be claimed by the insurance; as well as the cost of Revolution.

If you need some information about pet insurance, please leave a meow and Mama will try her best to help you with whatever information she can provide.

That’s all for today, kitties and humans. While my parents are still very upset- they are also determined that they will NOT let anything happen to me.

*The pancreas is a pale pink, lobulated organ located near the liver & behind the stomach. More can be found here, if you are a knowledge junkie as my Mama is.



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  3. KC said,

    This be furry good infurrmashun. I hopes you start to feeling much, much better wif yours pain meds an noo diet.
    I’s be purring fur you…

  4. maussie said,

    Thank you so much KC

  5. Everycat said,

    Poor Sherkhan, pancreatitis is awful, my sister Angel had it but only mildly (it happened due to a long standing resistant to treatment infection in her gut) She was very poorly but pulled through with a restricted protein diet, pain relief and supplements like vitamins and pro/prebiotics. Thank you for such an interesting post. We all hope you recover quickly.

    Love and Purrs

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. The Island Cats said,

    Thanks for this good information…we hope you can get your pancreatitis under control. We know that this can be a serious condition for kitties, mostly because it’s so hard to diagnose. But seems like the v-e-t-s are learning more about this disease. We hope you are feeling better soon….

  7. HANSEL said,

    What we didn’t see in that article is also-

    one of the big causes of pancreatitis are things OTHER than cat food. Meats and things that are really rich in protein. That’s why our schnauzer isn’t allowed to have meat or any table foods- because he already has a sensitive stomach, and pancreatitis is VERY common in schnauzers.

    No meats for cats.

    No meats for dogs.

    mom works for a vet…. so she knows all about how horrible it is. 😦 we are very sad you have to go through it.

  8. jansfunnyfarm said,

    We’re glad your mom finally knows what is wrong and how to help you, but we’re sorry you’ve been sick and in pain. Thanks for the information.

  9. brandi said,

    Oh, Sweetie. We are glad you founded out what you have and now your mama and daddy and the vets can help you. You are so brave. We will purray for you.

  10. felicia said,

    We will be purring for you little one!

  11. Angel and Kirby said,

    WE are glad you know what the problem is. WE are so sorry that it is such a nasty disease. We are sending purrs that you will get better and be back to your young self

  12. Fin said,

    Hope you feel better.

  13. maussie said,


    Mama should have mentioned it but it slipped off because it’s not applicable to me. I have never had any human food ever in my life!

    Sent from Maureen’s iPod

  14. Max said,

    Dude, I kinda know how you feel; I was dx’d with chronic pancreatitis a few years ago. I had to take medication for a couple of years, but i don’t have to any more. For me the big thing is to not get stressed, but as long as I’m not, I do really really well. I hope you do too.

  15. Karen Jo said,

    I hope you do as well as Max with your meds and special diet, Sherkhan. Thank you for the information about this disease.

  16. maussie said,

    @ Max

    I appreciate you sharing this knowledge with me and mama. We’re happy you are doing better now.

  17. The Perfect Recipe for Happy Days « The Ponderer said,

    […] realize that my little Sherkhan- despite his various health issues- one of them as serious as Pancreatitis- HAS grown up quite a bit… that he is a big cat now, a BEAUTIFUL one at that […]

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