the new human

February 20, 2009 at 1:22 pm (cat curiosity) (, , , , )

we had a guest staying at our home last night: mama-papa’s friend who lives in syd-ney; the humans call her ‘mu-mu’.

she, i think, is a big cat person. when she was in that far far away place where she comes from- she used to have two cats of her own. she was very happy to see me, but of course- kittens, when they see some human giving them a lot of attention, bring up an air about themselves- and show it off to the person. i did the same. this ‘mu-mu’ person was still very nice till the end though.

yea- i did show some attitude at first, but ‘mu-mu’ and i became friends soon after. she let me chew her books and her fingers which mama never lets me- so i thought it was a good deal! besides she gives good cuddles!

she is gone now, but if she comes back i think i’ll play with her now. meeeow! or is she gone back to syd-ney now??!!!




  1. angel and Kirby said,

    Sounds like you learned to love mu-mu. Sorry she had to go home!

  2. Country Cats said,

    mu-mu sounds like a nice lady; too bad she couldn’t stay longer.

  3. maussie said,

    she was quite nice. i think she misses her cats….

  4. maussie said,

    yes, she was quite nice. i think her lec-tures start today, otherwise she’d have stayed.

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