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mama thinks i should tell all you cats about the fun-side of water. yes, you heard it purr-right- WATER!

i love water! i was very surprised to hear that many of you cats despise it. is that true??!! you must be kidding me! i say, give it a try. i tried and let me tell you what i found:

you know which one is the best-tasting water in this whole wide world? the ones that flow directly from that long silver cold thing (insert by maussie for the human readers: water taps). i decided to drink it straight from that thing and it’s worth it. it’s the best tasting water EVER!

once you get used to that, you can also try touching the water with your paw. you know- it changes it’s direction and FLOWS into your paw! now, how amazing is THAT!

also that place where the water falls and disappears after a while (insert by maussie for the human readers: sink)- that makes a very good napping place when it’s dry! the one my house has in that water room (insert by maussie for the human readers: bathroom)- it fits my size perfectly!!!

true, water tends to be a little too ‘wet’ for my liking if i paw it too much… but it’s a lot of fun while you are doing it! trust me, mew!

try it try it!!! and tell me how you go!



  1. Country Cats said,

    Kaleb and Teal’c like to play in water when the tap is running – just the paws, though. They do not like baths. I (Rosie) like to play with water and ice but only in a glass where I can scoop out the ice with my paw and lick it!

  2. maussie said,

    hello rosie,
    i am a little ‘mixed’ about baths. after a little while- when i am finally used to humans not pouring water on me- i get okay. but pawing is so much fun! and also drinking from the tap! yum!

  3. Dilani said,

    Oh no
    I still hate water
    It is in my natural instincts

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